Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Happenings

So some of this is way late but none-the-less...our fall schedule is in full swing! 

The first week in September it all got rolling. Hailey started preschool for the year.
She is going two days a week. 

She also started dance on Wednesdays! 

Wednesdays are proving to be long days for her because she has school and dance but she's adjusting well. Sometimes her tiredness shows at dance. Ha!
Yes she's the one laying down! 
Reece (and mommy) are learning how to stay entertained at dance. 
He prefers to play with the water fountain. Ha!

We also started LAMBS (our Tuesday morning Bible study) 

Hailey loves it, Reece is having a tough time adjusting. It's only 2 hours but apparently he thinks I'm never coming back, and this is the same thing we did last year and he's in the nursery on Sunday's so it's killing me that he's having such a hard time. 

We are enjoying the beginning of fall! Here's to cooler evenings, pumpkins, family and more fun!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Boston Mission Trip

The last weekend in August, Ryan and I went to Boston on a mission trip to help our friends who have planted a church there. It was such a great weekend! Not only did I love serving with my husband but I loved serving our friends who are making such a difference for Jesus! 

Hailey wanted us to take Marshall (dog from Paw Patrol) with us so we tried to take pictures to send her with him. This is us on the plane heading to Boston. 
Friday we spent our time passing out door hangers to invite people to a free movie night. Jodi and I also got things together to pack school later that night. 
We had a blast hanging out with Brayden (their son) and so wished Hailey could've been there too. 

Saturday we did some work on the church they meet at. Then got ready for the movie night that afternoon. It was the biggest one they'd had all summer. We handed out 282 bags of school supplies and really had the opportunity to love on the people there. 

Sunday night we got to attend and serve at services for Southcoast Church. A friend and I taught the kids 
It was so encouraging and humbling to think that these kids are learning about Jesus, something that not all people in Boston are able to do because they don't have a gospel teaching church near them  

Monday we got to spend time in the city before leaving. 

The boys decided to have their own "Boston tea party" haha!

That night we headed home. I was ready to see my kids but sad to leave friends too. It was such a pleasure to serve with them and can't wait to see what God uses them to do in the next year. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

End of Summer Fun

We ushered out summer with a bang! 

With lots of ice cream
A trip to the Life and Science Museum with friends

A date for "meet the teacher" day at school
A fun morning at Pullen Park with friends

An end-of-summer cookout with our neighbors

Some fun trips to target
Chilling with Scully

And enjoying the last few hot days to wear our super cute church clothes

We don't want summer to end but are looking forward to some fall fun too!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hailey at 4 1/2

My girl is sweet
Has the best imagination
Loves her stuffed animals

Is a great friend
The best big sister

Has the best smile
And is my favorite little girl